Specialists in Property Development, Design & Construction



Infused with passion, creativity and innovation, Sicaro’s development process is designed to ensure optimum results for the client. In addition to the procurement of Land and Acquisition, Feasibility Analysis and Design Approval, we offer the flexibility of providing either a development management agreement or a joint venture arrangement for the duration of your project’s management.


Under the guise of our in-House Engineers, Project Managers and Architects, Sicaro’s design team creates a fusion between construction and design, their emphasis on efficiency and high-quality enabling transformative results. With over 50 years of combined construction experience, our design team uses meticulous design development skills to satisfy an array of project requirements.


Sicaro offers an unparalleled level of construction development expertise. In order to ensure that all design and construction objectives are achieved, we maintain consistent project supervision and communication with all involved clients and stakeholders.

  • Building

From a single dwelling to a multi-residential apartment complex, Sicaro’s team specialises in a multitude of residential, commercial or mixed-use projects. By delivering a range of fully diversified construction services, differing in scale, we ensure a seamless process of project management, achieving each predetermined objective within the required timeframe and budget constraints.

  • Civil & Infrastructure

Our focus on Civil & Infrastructure allows us to provide a multitude of engineering and construction-led design and planning services for asset and infrastructure projects, such as roads, bridges, sewer, stormwater, electrical gas, telecommunication and water supply. Following their implementation, we also ensure the general maintenance and upgrade of these existing assets.